Don’t Try to Measure Success In Christ’s ‘First Shall Be Last’ Kingdom by Karl Vaters

We need to measure what we can manage, but let’s not fall into the trap of thinking we have more control than we do.

We don’t measure the things that matter.

We measure the things we manage.

One of the unquestioned premises of the church growth movement is that when something matters to us, we measure it. So we count things like church attendance in an attempt to measure a church’s health, strength and impact.

The idea of counting the things that matter makes sense – if you’re an accountant or a manager.

But it wouldn’t be accepted by one artist or prophet. Here’s why.

How do we measure art?

  • By audience? If so, Gangnam Style, with 2.67 billion YouTube views is the greatest video of all time.
  • Sales? That makes Thomas Kinkaid a greater painter than Gaugin, Matisse and Renoir combined.
  • Price? Then a ticket for a Katy Perry concert is more valuable than having been on the street in London when the Beatles threw their impromptu final (and free) concert on the rooftop of Apple studios.
  • Size? So tiny Mona Lisa is of less artistic merit than the banners made by a high school pep team?

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters