James Dobson Marks 40th Year In Broadcasting: I Will Never Apologize for Defending Unborn, Marriage

James Dobson Marks 40th Year In Broadcasting: I Will Never Apologize for Defending Unborn, Marriage

James C. Dobson, one of the most respected and influential American evangelical leaders, is marking his 40th year in broadcasting, having reached hundreds of millions of people over the decades ministering to marriages and families.

In 1977, Dobson opened a two-room office in Arcadia, California, leaving what he calls “a plumb position” in academia as a professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California where he had taught and conducted research for 14 years. In a recent interview with The Christian Post about his past four decades as a public figure, he said when he embarked on this journey it was kind of scary.

“I loved what I was doing, I could have been happy there for the rest of my life,” Dobson told The Christian Post about his previous job.

“But I saw the institution of the family starting to disintegrate,” he said, noting how even in the late ’70s marriage was in trouble, parents were struggling with their kids, and the culture was deteriorating rapidly.

Though it meant sacrifice, he stepped out to do what he felt God was leading him to. And before he blinked twice his ministry and influence skyrocketed.

“The Lord immediately put His blessing on it and it kind of went through the roof,” Dobson said.

Within a few years, what would become an international ministry called Focus on the Family had hundreds of employees, and Dobson’s programs were aired on hundreds of radio stations.

In 2003, Dobson stepped down as president and CEO of Focus on the Family but remained chairman of the board until 2009 when he left that post, citing philosophical differences with his successor, FOTF’s current president, Jim Daly. The following year, Dobson founded Family Talk, a nonprofit organization that produces his radio program, “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk,” which currently has nearly 7 million likes on its Facebook page.

Although the technology has changed significantly over the decades, the topics Dobson speaks on have not.

The need to bring wholeness and healing to families “is greater than ever,” Dobson said. “[My] message has not changed at all and I don’t believe it will because these are eternal issues.”

“The culture changed so dramatically in the late ’60s, scared everybody badly, and it continued into the ’70s where there were just all kinds of pressures on families. So I began talking a lot more in that era about child discipline and building confidence in kids and getting them into the hands of the Lord.”

Those things still matter and he continues to speak about them, he added, though he has focused many broadcasts on pressing issues in the culture as the years went by.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Brandon Showalter