Your Church Ignores Emails? Try This Approach Instead. by Jeffrey Kranz

You bit the bullet and invested in a church email tool—probably a feature of your church management system. You hoped that now, finally, you would have a way to keep in touch with your congregation during the week.

But it seems like every time you send out an email to your congregation, all you hear back is crickets.


What does it take to get people to read an email?

Don’t give up on church email.

In fact, there are a few simple ways you can set your very next church email up to get more people to read it. I’ve been writing and sending emails to churches and churchgoers as part of my job, ministry or hobby for about four years now, and I’ve pulled together a few super simple, super helpful tips I’ve learned along the way. =)

First, make sure you’re using a friendly sender name

We all read some emails and ignore the rest. But there are some emails we NEVER ignore (at least not on purpose). Think about the kind of emails you open as soon as they arrive in your inbox. They’re probably from people like:

Your spouse
Your boss
Your kids
Your friends
You probably see the trend here: the sender is a big reason people read or ignore an email. Yep, one of the most important parts of an email is right here:

The cool thing is that with most email service providers, you can actually choose what people see here:


So when people get an email from your church, what do they see? Do they get an email from “First Baptist Church” or from “Pastor Joe”?

Remember: the sender is a big reason people read an email. You might consider swapping a generic sender name (like the name of your church) with your own name. People like to open emails from other people.

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Source: Lifeway Church Tech